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Designed to Keep You Moving!

  • fisiocrem is devoted to helping you manage your pain, and we have been since 2009. We develop high-quality topical pain relief products that stop pain from interfering with your regular activity.
  • We aim to provide easily accessible topical pain management solutions that reduce the effects of pain on body function. In Australia, around 1 in 3, people have some form of musculoskeletal condition. Some of the most common conditions include mild arthritis and back pain. These conditions are a major cause of chronic pain and disability within Australia.
    *fisiocrem Joint Ease helps to relieve symptoms associated with mild arthritis.
  • We want to provide effective pain relief treatments to improve the quality of life of people living with pain.
  • fisiocrem is committed to keeping Australians happy, healthy, active, and moving. As part of this commitment, we aim to educate and support the community each year. Our team does this through sponsorships and support of teams, athletes, events, governing bodies, and charitable organisations.
  • Discover how the fisiocrem range of products provides effective pain relief to help you regain your daily mobility.

About fisiocrem Solugel

For the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.

fisiocrem Solugel is a topical muscle pain relief gel for the temporary relief of muscular aches and pains. fisiocrem Solugel is a topical anti-inflammatory that assists with all things muscle pain relief. fisiocrem Solugel helps in the healing of minor muscle injuries, relieves symptoms of sprains & strains, and helps improve muscle recovery time.

This muscle pain relief cream contains menthol and naturally-derived active ingredients of arnica, hypericum (St Johns Wort), calendula, and melaleuca. This muscle cream helps with pain management for back muscle pain, leg & shoulder muscle pain, neck pain and more.

Clinically tested 1 fisiocrem Solugel was shown to significantly reduce pain and improve mobility within minutes of application when used twice daily. fisiocrem Solugel continued to improve acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and mobility over 14 days, showing that it is effective for both immediate and long-term pain relief.

1 Ramon et al Ortho & Rheum Open Access J 20(1): OROAJ.MS.ID.556028 (2022) This study was funded by fisiocrem.

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About fisiocrem Joint Ease

For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with mild arthritis and joint pain.

fisiocrem Joint Ease combines the ingredients of fisiocrem Solugel with two additional botanical actives to provide more than just pain relief. fisiocrem Joint Ease helps relieve symptoms associated with mild osteoarthritis/arthritis. This mild arthritis pain relief cream has a unique formulation.

This formula contains menthol and naturally-derived active ingredients of boswellia, nigella, arnica, hypericum, calendula, and melaleuca.

fisiocrem Joint Ease is an innovative, discreet, low-odour topical gel that helps to rapidly relieve pain and joint stiffness. This topical mild osteoarthritis treatment provides ongoing joint comfort and helps to promote joint mobility and healthy joint function.

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About the Herbs

The herbs at the heart of fisiocrem products are extracted using proprietary technology based on long-standing herbal medicines paradigms. This extraction technique is now aligned with modern medicine manufacturing regimes.