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What sport do you participate in?

What is your greatest sporting achievement?

• Hasn’t happened yet…
• But winning Nationals for Mountain Running in 2015 (was awesome) & running for Australia in Wales at the World Champs coming 30th.

When was the first time that you realised that your sport was becoming your passion?

When I quit elite gymnastics in 2010 I started school XC & triathlon for fun. I find running to be such an outlet and yet I also love the competitive nature of the sport and that there’s always something to improve!

What is your favourite part of competing?

Pushing myself to see how far & fast I can go & always chasing PBs!

What does a standard days training consist of?

Depending on the day.

Monday: usually Recovery run so easy 8km at about 4’40 pace.

Tuesday: Speed work at the track or longer reps depending on what time of year it is.

Weds: Easy comfortable 10km.

Thursday: Speed sesh or hills.

Friday: Rest Day

Sat: Tempo 5km or intervals.

Sunday: Long run 18km at 4’30 pace.

What is the most important aspect of your training?

Making sure that I have consistency (structure), a great coach (which I’m lucky that I do), and great people to train with! Whoops ok that’s 3 important aspects, all equally important!!! ?

What does a standard post-event recovering consist of?

Eating (straight away), stretching, salt bath & usually rubbing in lots of fisiocrem into the calves!

What is your ultimate sporting goal?

Competing for Australia at the Commonwealth Games and ultimately Olympics.
Also to be in a position to make a difference in Australian Athletics and be involved in a charity that can help build young disadvantaged kids to help achieve their running goals.

Who is your sporting idol and why?

That’s a hard one… I have many that I look up to, but I don’t like to use the word idol. I’m grateful that I have trained with many amazing Olympians in the past that I hold great respect for, also that I have been lucky to come across that have helped me and inspired me including Lauretta Harrop when I first started triathlon.
I love athletes that work hard and are genuine, humble people. This describes my beyond amazing coach: Jill Boltz (Hunter) and Daniel Boltz. Jill was a dual Olympian for GB and Danny for Switzerland, both have world record PBs, Jill is a Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist (& would have won an Olympic medal if it wasn’t for stress fractures) yet completely humble, she instills passion & integrity & is extremely selfless, definitely one in a gazillion. I’ve learnt so much from them in a short time and I feel special that I have come across people like this in my life!

What advice would you give to someone that is interested in taking up your sport?

Do it because you love it and because it makes YOU happy, but remember that it takes time, so enjoy the process and the journey!!! Don’t be in a rush, especially with distance running, it’s all about persistence & remaining injury free is a big one. So it’s important to always make recovery paramount.

What is the biggest challenge you face when competing?

For me I get extremely anxious & nervous on the track to the point I’m shaking before a race, I never feel like I’ve done enough. Whereas with road races and XC not so much. I don’t get into my rhythm on track and this is something I really have to continue to work on as well as my lack of speed!

What’s your favourite thing about fisiocrem (‘that it’s free’ is not the correct answer!)?

My favourite thing is that it relieves my pain over night. So I rub it in after a hard track session and wake up with no pain!

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fisiocrem is like my miracle cream! I use it when I’m sore after hard sessions and the next day the pain is gone. I’m so lucky that I found it!!! I feel like it’s my secret weapon shhh hehe… ???

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