fisiocrem takes five with… Bridget

What sport do you participate in?
Running and swimming

What is your greatest sporting achievement?

Completing my first marathon at the age of 55!! Gold Coast 2016
Inspiring 4 other people to run a marathon or half marathon.

When was the first time that you realised that your sport was becoming your passion?

I am relatively new to running. I took it up in April 2015 after years of being unhealthy and overweight. I started at Parkrun taking almost 40 minutes to complete 5kms. Week after week I got better. When I got my time down to the 30 minute mark three months later that was it! I then started to train for a half marathon (Melbourne 2015) and then progressed to a full marathon in July 206.

What is your favourite part of competing?

The “sense of achievement” – achieving goals I never ever imagined I could.
Being with people of all ages and experience that are out there giving it their best

What does a standard days training consist of?

I don’t have a typical day. Usually over the week I do 2 strength sessions in a gym and 4 days of running. These will include, hills, intervals, short and long runs. I also swim for relaxation.
My running is always in the morning. Love getting up early and watching the sunrise as I’m pounding the pavements.

What is the most important aspect of your training?

The structure and routine. It helps me to be focused and holds me accountable.

What does a standard post-event recovering consist of?

Fluid, food, family!
plus a good rub down or massage and lots of stretching. I usually walk for a couple of kilometres after any long run as I find it clams my mind and my muscles.

What is your ultimate sporting goal?

To run either London, New York or Boston marathon.
To still be running in 30 years time!!!

Who is your sporting idol and why?

My first idol is my coach Brad Martens. He is also a professional triathlete. He took to the sport later in life and truly understands the struggles of an older athlete. He has never once doubted that I could do this and has been instrumental in me achieving any of my running results. His work ethic is second to none.
I also admire Turia Pitt. Her indomitable spirit, how she has overcome adversity, promotes the importance of persistence and determination and the need to find reasons to be grateful for in our everyday lives are wonderful attributes not only in an athlete but a beautiful human as well..

What advice would you give to someone that is interested in taking up your sport?

Take a leap of faith and go for it. Start off small and build up. Celebrate every achievement no matter how big or small. And be kind to yourself. Not all training or races go according to plan. And most importantly, enjoy the ride!

What is the biggest challenge you face when competing?

My biggest challenge is ME. I struggle with self doubt and that at times can spoil a race. I am learning (slowly) to believe in myself (like my coach does)

What’s your favourite thing about fisiocrem (‘that it’s free’ is not the correct answer!)?

That it is a natural product and does not contain parabens and hydroxybenzoates.

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I love that fisocrem is a natural product. The smell is pleasant and is not overpowering (so I don’t smell like a gym room) so I can use in my office without offending anyone.

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