fisiocrem takes five with… TJ

What sport do you participate in?
Running (and Canoe Polo)

What is your greatest sporting achievement?

My first ever Half Marathon in 2004 – it was the first event I had trained for and the one that got me hooked on running!

When was the first time that you realised that your sport was becoming your passion?

After having children in 2012 and 2014, running has become my ‘me time’. I now NEED to run!

What is your favourite part of competing?

There is no community like the running one. The support in training and during the race is like no other. I love the feeling of crossing those finish lines. It makes the 4:30am runs totally worthwhile.

What does a standard days training consist of?

Depends on the day… 4:30am training session for a hour (intervals or tempo run), then off for a 12 hour shift at work, stretching/core session in the evening after work.
Mondays are my long run day (day off work).

What is the most important aspect of your training?

At the moment I am working towards my first marathon in October, so running time in my legs is most important. I have previously been sidelined with injury, so the great focus of my training is to progress slowly as to remain injury free.

What does a standard post-event recovering consist of?

Usually a beer! and then followed by the more recommended hydration drinks, and relaxing with the kids, then stretching/foam rolling in the evening when everything gets tight.

What is your ultimate sporting goal?

Dreaming of becoming an ultra-marathoner. Hoping to do the UTA50 next year.

Who is your sporting idol and why?

Turia Pitt. Because she’s awesome!! Need I say more?

What advice would you give to someone that is interested in taking up your sport?

You’ll never regret going for a run, but you will regret the excuse you found not to. Just get out there and do it.

What is the biggest challenge you face when competing?

That negative voice in my head that tells me I should stop. I HATE that voice!

What’s your favourite thing about fisiocrem (‘that it’s free’ is not the correct answer!)?

It works!!!

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After over a year of being unable to run due to injury, it is so important for me to maintain training injury free. fisiocrem lets me get on top of those ‘niggles’ before they stop me. Because #hurtingsucks and not being able to run sucks more!

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