Introducing fisiocrem sponsored athlete Maddi, an all-round athlete who enjoys competing in multiple fitness challenges, including HYROX (Hybrid fitness racing). 

Maddi’s favourite activity will always be running, a pursuit she consistently returns to. However, she has fallen into the world of HYROX – which still encourages her to maintain her base running while also focusing a bit more on the strength components of training. She says, “it still encourages me to keep up my base running.”

When looking at her accomplishments, Maddi mentioned that her top two achievements so far are the 2022 Surf Coast Century 50km and the 2023 Sydney HYROX. These achievements stand out for their distinct nature. The Ultra involves extended time on her feet and testing physical endurance, while HYROX presents a comprehensive full-body challenge. Maddi believes that for both of those accomplishments, her approach was quite similar, focusing on dedicating time to her legs and body, getting acquainted with the demands on her physique, and maintaining a consistent training routine.

After a year of intense running, Maddi made the decision to scale down her running activities and introduce some HYROX events into her training regimen. Maddi stated, “I knew I was going to reduce my running distance and alter my training in 2023.” She is gearing up for an ambitious 2024, adding even more HYROX events into the mix.

Maddi’s biggest supporter is her partner, Jarryd. She says “As parents, it’s always been a bit of a juggling act with the kids. Family time is really important to us, but so is taking time for ourselves to do what we love. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what I do without him!”. Whenever Maddi is at the gym or out on the trails, her partner is either taking care of the children or standing at the finish line, offering enthusiastic support. On days when she lacks motivation to lace up her running shoes, he encourages her by emphasising the post-run satisfaction. Maddi acknowledges that she couldn’t achieve her goals without his unwavering support and encouragement. Maddi firmly believes that there’s nothing more gratifying or inspiring than witnessing someone achieve a goal they’ve diligently pursued.


Maddi’s foremost advice on recovery is to heed your body’s signals. She says, “You know your body better than anyone else and it will tell you when it needs a little bit more TLC.”

"Witnessing someone achieve a goal is truly satisfying."

Introducing fisiocrem sponsored athlete Kirsty, a dedicated mother of two, juggling a demanding full-time job in the railway sector alongside her pursuit of a Master’s degree in business.

At the moment, Kirsty’s favorite sport is trail running, and she cherishes the freedom that comes with exploring forested trails, far from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Another passion of hers is the running community; she finds immense inspiration from the incredibly motivating individuals within it, particularly her fellow trail running companions and the esteemed members of the purple army. Kirsty also revels in pushing her limits, having completed two ultra trails (50km and 60km) and harboring a strong desire to achieve even more. She’s set to tackle a 50km run in October and aspires to make 2024 the year of her first 100km race.

One could say Kirsty’s most significant fitness achievement is discovering an activity she loves. Although she was always active and engaged in sports like soccer and softball while growing up, her athletic pursuits came to a halt during her first pregnancy when she grappled with post-natal depression. Seeking natural remedies for her condition, Kirsty took inspiration from her sister, who was deeply involved in running. She began her journey with road running and, after a few years, transitioned to trail running. Since then, she hasn’t looked back, as her entire being comes alive while navigating the trails. Over the past couple of years, Kirsty has also placed significant emphasis on her diet and internal healing, recognizing the transformative power of combining physical training with a healthy diet.

To navigate her fitness journey, Kirsty has enlisted the support of an exceptional online coach (@run_coaching on Instagram), Matt, who has crafted a program tailored to her lifestyle. This program incorporates elements such as strength training, stretching, and rest days, all to complement her running. Despite the challenges of being a full-time working mother and a university student pursuing her Master’s degree, Kirsty acknowledges that her plan doesn’t always unfold as expected. However, she firmly believes that by consistently prioritizing strength and stretching, she can at least make it to the starting line and ultimately cross the finish line, no matter the hurdles.

Kirsty finds her children to be a driving force, motivating her to continuously push her boundaries and demonstrate that any goal is attainable with determination, regardless of how unconventional it may seem to others. She also draws inspiration from skeptics who doubt her capabilities, viewing their skepticism as additional fuel to dream even bigger and set increasingly ambitious. 


Kirsty’s mantra revolves around the importance of consistently tending to the small things in her fitness journey: mobility, strength training, stretching, foam rolling, maintaining a balanced diet, and relying on products like fisiocrem—she embraces these practices unwaveringly.

"My whole soul comes alive after a day of chasing trails."

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Debbie, our 54-year-old sponsored running enthusiast. Debbie loves to “mix it up” with trails and road runs, along with the occasional cycle.

Debbie’s favourite activity will always be trail running. She pushes her limits and has a good routine in place to conquer her goals. She says, “To achieve something greater than the normal person means everything to me.”

Debbie has just finished training for Trail Trips Coastal High 50km earlier this Month. It’s been a long and tough road back for her, since undergoing major hip/glute surgery in October last year. Debbie says, “I’m ready to build up my km’s again by increasing my strength work at gym.” 

When asked about who supports and motivates her Debbie says, “I am supported by my family and good friends but at the end of the day, it’s just me and I do these crazy adventures to see what I am capable of achieving.”

“I am motivated by many people around me, those who run, cycle and those who can’t. We have one life, and you need to do whatever you can in the time we have to enjoy it.”

Reflecting on her fitness journey, Debbie’s most significant achievement thus far has been completing a 100-miler race a few years ago.

She explains that she dedicated this race for Matt, her brother-in-law who sadly passed away 3 weeks prior. “I was so determined and was not going to quit; it was all for Matt.”

Debbie also completed the Scenic Rim event back in August, she achieved 105km. She describes it as ” Amazing, Muddy and Wet”. Despite the obstacles in her way, never giving up was the key!


Debbie says, ‘‘We are all different and need to learn our limitations. If you push your limits, you need to recover the right way with sleep, food and post stretching.”

"To achieve something greater than the normal person means everything to me."

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Vicky. An amazing and inspiring mom of three, who also happens to be a successful
entrepreneur running her own business from home. Vicky started her own business 11 years ago, and now works alongside her husband.

This fitness enthusiast enjoys taking on challenges such as the 1-minute burpee challenge (with a personal record of 44 in a minute) and a 100-pushup-per-day challenge with her Keilor Running Club crew to help support mental health. Vicky also also enjoys walking and running with her dog Pippa to keep things fun and interesting.

Vicky is a fitness enthusiast who discovered the high-intensity interval training workout called HIIT STEP a few years ago at her local gym, The Fit Station. She describes how this workout pushes her to her absolute maximum, getting her heart rate up and helping her improve her running ability. HIIT Training has become an essential part of her training routine, and she loves the challenge it brings every time she steps onto the mat.

In October 2016, Vicky began her fitness journey as a way to take some time for herself after having three kids and joined a six-week challenge at her local gym that included a 300m run time test, which sparked her running journey and she still takes on challenges at the gym to stay motivated. Vicky says, ”Finding the right environment that suits you, your family, your schedule, makes all the difference to keep it up & continue the journey. Still to this day, l do like to take on challenges at my gym, just to keep me on track.”

Vicky’s biggest goal is to keep doing what she loves with inspiring friends and continue challenging herself to be the best version of herself, which includes maintaining her fitness and health through running, a challenging pursuit that she hopes will enable her to achieve many other goals in the future, such as potentially participating in the Melbourne Marathon this year.

Vicky credits her running success to the incredible support and encouragement she receives from her running community, the Keilor Running Club. This club’s inclusive environment is what makes it so special to her, as it motivates and inspires every member regardless of their skill level or pace. She feels incredibly grateful to have found her tribe, as they constantly push her to be a better version of herself.

Vicky’s family is also a major support system for her, as they help her juggle her busy schedule and participate in various sports and activities. She emphasizes the importance of self-love and taking care of oneself not only for oneself but also for those they love. Her husband is also an active and fitness-oriented individual, and together they are able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle that benefits the entire family.

Her biggest weakness when it comes to running is the “runner’s gut,” which is a constant battle for her. As someone who runs approximately four times a week, it can be challenging to eat the right foods since the next day is a run day. However, she finds comfort in discussing it with close friends who are also runners and realizing that she is not alone in this struggle. To ensure that she can manage this issue, she always makes sure to run in areas where there are nearby toilets, and when registering for runs, she plans ahead and checks the map for the location of restrooms.


After a long run, Vicky says, ‘‘l love to take a long warm Epsom salts bath for at least 45 minutes, with a few stretches in the bath, it totally puts my body in relaxation mode.’’

”In October 2016, l started my fitness journey, it was time to give back to myself, for myself.”

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Todd. Commonly known as Parko, he is 48 years old and resides on the stunning Coffs Coast in New South Wales, Australia. Todd has been married for 26 years and is a proud father of four amazing adult children.

Todd’s favourite sport is running, but he also enjoys participating in triathlons, even though he struggles with swimming. In 2013, Todd started running and since then, he has completed 8 marathons, 9 half marathons, a few triathlons, and one Ultra Marathon of 61.2km.

Todd hopes to meet and connect with fellow runners at the Gold Coast Marathon or other races throughout the year. So, if you see him out there, be sure to say hi and share your running stories with him.

Vicky is a fitness enthusiast who discovered the high-intensity interval training workout called HIIT STEP a few years ago at her local gym, The Fit Station. She describes how this workout pushes her to her absolute maximum, getting her heart rate up and helping her improve her running ability. HIIT Training has become an essential part of her training routine, and she loves the challenge it brings every time she steps onto the mat.

Todd’s biggest fitness achievement was completing the virtual Ultra Marathon race put on by Run with the world in 2020. Running alone on the local streets around his area was mentally tough, but knowing his family was waiting for him at the finish line kept him motivated to keep going. He finished the race in 5 hours and 36 minutes.

Todd has set some ambitious running goals for himself in 2023. He hopes to run a personal best at the Gold Coast Marathon, with his current PB standing at 3:25:21. He also aims to run a total of 3500km for the year, and although he has fallen behind his planned schedule, he is determined to catch up and achieve this goal by the end of the year.

Todd’s biggest source of motivation and support is his family. He wants to prove to his kids that age is just a number, and with determination and hard work, anything is achievable, even running personal bests at the age of 48. Todd also finds inspiration and motivation in watching the last hour of a marathon or Ironman event. He believes that the last few people to cross the finish line are the real heroes and champions of the race.

Despite being a seasoned runner, Todd admits that his biggest weakness is swimming and his lack of confidence in the water. Nevertheless, he
has set his sights on completing an Ironman someday, knowing that he has a lot of work to do on his swimming to get there.


After a long run, Vicky says, ‘‘l love to take a long warm Epsom salts bath for at least 45 minutes, with a few stretches in the bath, it totally puts my body in relaxation mode.’’

”Age is just a number and you are still capable of achieving anything you want.”

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Sarah, a mother of two with a passion for trail running and no intentions of stopping now.

Sarah’s favourite activity will always be running. She always gives 110% effort and has a structured mentality heading into each race. She says, “I’m determined to cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment and pride.”

Currently, Sarah is eagerly preparing for the upcoming Gold Coast marathon in July, which will mark her fourth marathon to date. What makes this marathon particularly special is that it will be her first after becoming a mother. Sarah understands the challenges that come with balancing her responsibilities as a parent with her rigorous training regimen.

When asked about who supports and motivates her Sarah says, “My family and coach are my biggest pillars of support and inspiration. Their unwavering belief in me allows me to pursue my training with immense gratitude. I am genuinely thankful for them all.”


Sarah says, ‘‘Attempting some form of strength training is very important. Also jumping onto the foam roller and drinking plenty of fluids is crucial.”

"I love working hard and seeing my hard work pay off."

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Rhys, a father of two with a passion for ultra running and photography/videography.

Rhys’ favourite activity at the moment is running, particularly on trails. He has traveled extensively throughout Australia to discover new trails and take in the stunning scenery the country has to offer. He says, “Running is a passion and I enjoy the physical and mental benefits it provides.”

Rhys accomplished a remarkable fitness feat by completing the Blackall 100, a 100km ultra trail race, in 2021. Despite only commencing his running journey two years prior and having one half marathon road race under is belt, Rhys undertook this challenge. Notably, he had never previously participated in a trail event and his longest training run had been 37.5km. Regrettably, Rhys encountered significant sciatic pain upon reaching the 64km checkpoint. Nevertheless, he found satisfaction in having achieved this considerable distance and was prepared to withdraw from the race at that point. Rhys credits his wife, Colleen, for inspiring him to persevere, and after an additional 7 hours of determination and grit, he ultimately triumphed and celebrated with his son Hendrix at the finish line. This unforgettable experience ignited Rhys’s passion for ultra trail running and demonstrated the remarkable capabilities of the human body.

Rhy’s fisiocrem GC30 training routine typically includes running on the roads for 4 days and running on the trails for 2 days per week. Rhys incorporate an interval session each week to elevate his heart rate and dedicates the rest of the training to maintaining a low heart rate. Additionally, Rhy enjoys a daily 20-minute pilates session focusing on either legs or core. He also regularly uses a foam roller to help prevent injuries. He says, “I am extremely motivated and ensure I dedicate 6 days a week to training. Another major goal is that I want to continue to influence as many people as possible to take up running and experience the runners high.”

When asked about who supports and motivates him Rhys says, “My family and of course my sponsors provide me with the motivation and support to make my goals become reality.”


‘‘Try to have at least one day off per week to rest the body and mind, as it gives the body time to repair and strengthen before another week of training.”

“I want running to change people’s lives as it changed mine.”

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Mark, a father of two girls and a training consultant within the meat industry.

Mark’s favourite sport is a combination of running and cycling. He loves variety, adventures, and meeting different people while staying fit. His goal with his fitness journey is “to inspire as many people as possible.” Mark encourages everyone to get out there and have some fun!

Mark’s most significant fitness achievement has been training for his first marathon in 2020 and completing his first ultra-marathon just four weeks later. It may sound crazy, but he finds it incredible what our bodies can accomplish. “I’m grateful for my coach, who helped me realise my limits and what goals I can reach.”

Mark is an active person who prefers to train toward a goal. This year, he was aiming to participate in the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, which unfortunately got cancelled. But, he recently won fisiocrem’s Gold Coast Marathon Grand prize and he says, “I am excited to participate in my second marathon this year.”

When asked about who supports and motivates him Mark says, “My wife and two young daughters. They allow me to chase my goals and do what I love. I hope my fitness journey will inspire them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.”


“I believe nothing beats a good night’s sleep to recharge for the next day.”

“I want to inspire as many people as possible to have fun while running.”

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Mark, just an ordinary athlete living his extraordinary life through the running community.

Mark’s main sport is running, which has taken over as his top activity! He is constantly on the hunt for more events to enter and to represent the purple army in anyway he can. Mark says, “I love the community spirit, engagement and accomplishment of park runs.”

Mark’s biggest achievement to date was completing the fisiocrem River Run, after suffering a serious knee injury the year prior. He mentioned, “I stupidly competed in the event and suffered my first and only ‘Did Not Finish’ result. So coming back from that setback at last year’s event crushed the demons that haunted me.”

One of Mark’s biggest weaknesses is to “keep pushing through the tough part of the run.” He understands that to improve this he needs to “learn to pace the first part of the run and stretch the effort over the whole run.”

As Mark plans for the 2023 calendar, he wants to keep enjoying the excitement of racing and crossing each finish line again and again. Although his eyes are set on completing the Kakoda track in Papua New Guinea for his 50th birthday. Mark says, “I’m not setting any expectations for myself and just enjoying the thrills.”

When asked about who supports and motivates him Mark says, “My partner Karena, along with the love and support from my running tribe, which is second to none.”


“My top recovery tip is to consume quality nutrition and getting enough rest is the most important thing for recovery.’’

“No matter what your running abilities or difficulties may be, we run together.”

Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Carly, a devoted mum of two who works in the education sector and is also a director of her local park run. Carly began running in 2015, as she’s not very coordinated “it was also a way of managing my anxiety.” She worked her way up from struggling to run 100m to having now completed multiple marathons and ultramarathons.

Carly’s biggest achievement to date is completing a 50km Ultra Marathon during her house renovations! After her race was rescheduled, she also had to face working/parenting obstacles to overcome in order to complete the race. She mentioned, “it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.” All the early morning runs followed by long workdays, saw Carly conquer her Ultra Marathon goal!

One of Carly’s biggest weaknesses is her strength training. She says, “It seems to be the first thing I drop when I have limited time and have to set myself a goal to incorporate strength sessions into my future training plans.”

Carly always sets herself a goal to achieve each year. Her 2023 goal is to complete another Ultra Marathon and break the 50km+ distance. Carly says, “I want to see how capable I am both physically and mentally.” Carly will hire a coach to improve her physical strength.

When asked about who supports and motivates her Carly says, “My two boys, along with my husband support me in all aspects of life. They remind me that running makes me a better mum because it’s an outlet to de-stress.”


“My top recovery tip is having a nice hot shower and long stretch before bed to improve your recovery.”

“I follow a lot of athletes on social media and take inspiration from them.”

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