Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Amy, who loves to push her limits both physically and mentally. She finds herself seeking new challenges to grow in all aspects of her life.

Currently, Amy’s favourite activity is marathon running. She finds fulfillment in the challenge of completing a 42.2km race.  

In 2023, Amy’s main goal was to enhance her parkrun time and performance. Although she didn’t achieve all her goals, she gained valuable insights into the significance of consistency, patience, and resilience. Each race and training session provided new lessons about her capabilities, contributing to her growth as a stronger and more experienced runner.

Amy is registered for this year’s fisiocrem GC30 and attempting to complete the 15km race distance in May. She is also planning to pace the 2hr marker in the Sydney Marathon. To ensure her success, Amy’s training plan includes speed work, long runs, strength training, and sufficient rest.

She is also prioritising injury prevention and recovery to keep her body strong and healthy throughout 2024.

Amy’s most significant fitness accomplishment was qualifying for the Boston Marathon. This feat required eight months of focused training, discipline, and perseverance. She followed a structured training regimen, progressively increasing her mileage with specific speed workouts and long runs.  This assisted her mentally and physically for the race. Amy also achieved a time with a comfortable buffer that allowed her entry into the Boston Marathon the following year.


Amy’s top recovery tips are, “Proper hydration, nutrition, sleep, and active recovery techniques such as foam rolling, stretching, and massages.”