Meet Isaiah, a fisiocrem sponsored athlete who juggles the roles of a part-time triathlete, running vlogger, and a proud father of two children. His passion lies in running, triathlon, and overall fitness.

Running holds a special place as his preferred method of staying active, but he consistently incorporates biking and swimming into his routine to ensure he can sustain a decent level of performance in these two disciplines. He says, “There are so many different running trails here in Toowoomba.”

In 2014, Isaiah received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. During his treatment, he was fortunate to sustain a decent level of fitness. Having just embarked on his triathlon journey before the diagnosis, he remained resolute in his determination to return to racing as swiftly as possible. He then embarked on an intensive six-month training regimen with his local Triathlon Club. He says, “My goal was to compete in the Hell Of The West Triathlon once I returned.”

This December, Isaiah had the fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival. It marked the longest-running event he had participated in to date. He diligently ensured that his training remained consistent and focused to guarantee his endurance throughout the race.

Isaiah’s wife and his two daughters provide him with unwavering support, consistently offering encouragement and cheering him on during race days. He says, “Between their encouragement and a group of great mates that are always keen to join me for a run, I’m always happy to be out racing.”


Isaiah says, “I love a long hot soak in a magnesium bath followed by some massage with a foam roller, massage gun and lacrosse ball. So I can stay warm and recover quickly.”

"Being out training and competing always brings me joy."