Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Jodie, who cherishes the freedom of running, along with making meaningful connections. Jodie deeply values a sense of family that her running groups offer the local community. 

As a running coach, Jodie sees her athletes’ accomplishments as her own. While embracing the high and lows, Jodie sets out a specialised path for each of her athletes.

Jodie’s biggest achievement came when she conquered the Bravehearts 777 Marathon event (7 marathons in 7 days, across 7 states) as a National Runner. Her goal was to support such an charity that offers support, guidance, and training to future generations of remarkable individuals.⁠ Jodie managed to hit her goals and cross the finish line alongside other extraordinary people.  Jodie believes that children deserve a normal childhood without fear or limitations, as so she decided to complete the Bravehearts 777 Marathon to give back. 

Jodie says, “I feel supported by so many family members and friends, but my biggest support comes from my Mother and Daughter.”

Jodie is preparing for this year’s fisiocrem GC30 and has incorporated a variety of terrains into her regime such as: flat surfaces, sandy trails, and uneven ground. She says, “the fisiocrem GC30 offers a beautiful and challenging experience, showcasing the stunning Gold Coast seaway and trails.”

She is also preparing herself for the GC Kokoda Youth Challenge 96km event in July. Jodie will also compete in the Trail Trips: Wild Earth Triple Crown later this year and will be representing fisiocrem in three events simultaneously and looks forward to planning her training schedule and embracing the increased trail running as part of this exciting journey.


Jodie’s top recovery tips are, “Consuming the right proteins, gentle stretching and elevating my legs to allow blood flow and mitigate swelling.”