Introducing fisiocrem sponsored athlete Maddi, an all-round athlete who enjoys competing in multiple fitness challenges, including HYROX (Hybrid fitness racing). 

Maddi’s favourite activity will always be running, a pursuit she consistently returns to. However, she has fallen into the world of HYROX – which still encourages her to maintain her base running while also focusing a bit more on the strength components of training. She says, “it still encourages me to keep up my base running.”

When looking at her accomplishments, Maddi mentioned that her top two achievements so far are the 2022 Surf Coast Century 50km and the 2023 Sydney HYROX. These achievements stand out for their distinct nature. The Ultra involves extended time on her feet and testing physical endurance, while HYROX presents a comprehensive full-body challenge. Maddi believes that for both of those accomplishments, her approach was quite similar, focusing on dedicating time to her legs and body, getting acquainted with the demands on her physique, and maintaining a consistent training routine.

After a year of intense running, Maddi made the decision to scale down her running activities and introduce some HYROX events into her training regimen. Maddi stated, “I knew I was going to reduce my running distance and alter my training in 2023.” She is gearing up for an ambitious 2024, adding even more HYROX events into the mix.

Maddi’s biggest supporter is her partner, Jarryd. She says “As parents, it’s always been a bit of a juggling act with the kids. Family time is really important to us, but so is taking time for ourselves to do what we love. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what I do without him!”. Whenever Maddi is at the gym or out on the trails, her partner is either taking care of the children or standing at the finish line, offering enthusiastic support. On days when she lacks motivation to lace up her running shoes, he encourages her by emphasising the post-run satisfaction. Maddi acknowledges that she couldn’t achieve her goals without his unwavering support and encouragement. Maddi firmly believes that there’s nothing more gratifying or inspiring than witnessing someone achieve a goal they’ve diligently pursued.


Maddi’s foremost advice on recovery is to heed your body’s signals. She says, “You know your body better than anyone else and it will tell you when it needs a little bit more TLC.”

"Witnessing someone achieve a goal is truly satisfying."