Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Sam, a dynamic 22-year-old track and field athlete. He’s always been involved in the sport ever since 2015 during the ‘Little Athletics’ tournament.

Sam has had a lifelong passion for racing, relishing in the thrill of speed and nurturing a love for running since early childhood. Each year he aims to gradually enhance his overall speed. He says “on a daily basis, I motivate myself in both personal and sport related challenges.”

In 2017, just two weeks before nationals, a hamstring injury set him back during the Noosa Gift. He was forced to remain on the sidelines, which affected him mentally. Bouncing back in 2021, Sam found his confidence and clocked a personal best time of 10.78 seconds in the 100m. He then went onto become the open men’s 200m champion and 6th Australian overall at nationals. 

Undeterred and driven, Sam has continued to make waves in the current season of 2023-2024, claiming top spots in several Queensland meets and achieving impressive times of 10.36 seconds and 20.92 seconds. With aspirations still high, Sam hopes to potentially represent Australia in the upcoming Olympics in Paris 2024.

Sam says his biggest supporter is ”My coach and training squad help me push my limits in each session, along with my training partner Charlie.”


Sam’s top recovery tips are “Sleep. It’s important and trying to maintain 6-7 hours a night is crucial. Also, stretching and staying consistent with your training routines.”