Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Vicky. An amazing and inspiring mom of three, who also happens to be a successful
entrepreneur running her own business from home. Vicky started her own business 11 years ago, and now works alongside her husband.

This fitness enthusiast enjoys taking on challenges such as the 1-minute burpee challenge (with a personal record of 44 in a minute) and a 100-pushup-per-day challenge with her Keilor Running Club crew to help support mental health. Vicky also also enjoys walking and running with her dog Pippa to keep things fun and interesting.

Vicky is a fitness enthusiast who discovered the high-intensity interval training workout called HIIT STEP a few years ago at her local gym, The Fit Station. She describes how this workout pushes her to her absolute maximum, getting her heart rate up and helping her improve her running ability. HIIT Training has become an essential part of her training routine, and she loves the challenge it brings every time she steps onto the mat.

In October 2016, Vicky began her fitness journey as a way to take some time for herself after having three kids and joined a six-week challenge at her local gym that included a 300m run time test, which sparked her running journey and she still takes on challenges at the gym to stay motivated. Vicky says, ”Finding the right environment that suits you, your family, your schedule, makes all the difference to keep it up & continue the journey. Still to this day, l do like to take on challenges at my gym, just to keep me on track.”

Vicky’s biggest goal is to keep doing what she loves with inspiring friends and continue challenging herself to be the best version of herself, which includes maintaining her fitness and health through running, a challenging pursuit that she hopes will enable her to achieve many other goals in the future, such as potentially participating in the Melbourne Marathon this year.

Vicky credits her running success to the incredible support and encouragement she receives from her running community, the Keilor Running Club. This club’s inclusive environment is what makes it so special to her, as it motivates and inspires every member regardless of their skill level or pace. She feels incredibly grateful to have found her tribe, as they constantly push her to be a better version of herself.

Vicky’s family is also a major support system for her, as they help her juggle her busy schedule and participate in various sports and activities. She emphasizes the importance of self-love and taking care of oneself not only for oneself but also for those they love. Her husband is also an active and fitness-oriented individual, and together they are able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle that benefits the entire family.

Her biggest weakness when it comes to running is the “runner’s gut,” which is a constant battle for her. As someone who runs approximately four times a week, it can be challenging to eat the right foods since the next day is a run day. However, she finds comfort in discussing it with close friends who are also runners and realizing that she is not alone in this struggle. To ensure that she can manage this issue, she always makes sure to run in areas where there are nearby toilets, and when registering for runs, she plans ahead and checks the map for the location of restrooms.


After a long run, Vicky says, ‘‘l love to take a long warm Epsom salts bath for at least 45 minutes, with a few stretches in the bath, it totally puts my body in relaxation mode.’’

”In October 2016, l started my fitness journey, it was time to give back to myself, for myself.”