Meet fisiocrem’s father and son athlete duo, Brian and Mark Upton. Brian has been living on the sunny Gold Coast since 1998, while Mark resides along the east coast in Wollongong, NSW. Brian’s obtained 35 years experience in the hospitality industry down in Victoria as a General Manager of hotels and properties. Mark is married man with 3 amazing kids: Harrison, Grave and William, also currently working as a General Manager within a resort in Wollongong.

Mark says “I’ve always been active and love pushing the boundaries to what my mind and body can do including competing in marathons, short and long-distance triathlons and 3 Ironman races.”  

They both have an extreme passion for triathlons. Brian has the most triathlon experience, spanning nearly 40 years. Our team welcomes the pair every year at the fisiocrem GC30 Main Beach and fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival. When racing together, they always seem to share a healthy passion when giving it their all.

Brian was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 years ago and suffered countless operations, chemotherapy and radiation for a 6-month period. He’s an extremely determined and resilient individual as he completed the Gold Coast Marathon after 34 days post treatment.

This year marked 4 years since Brian’s successful cancer battle and joined Mark in the Gold Coast Marathon to reach a staggering 63km over the whole weekend. Also raising much needed funds for the Shakeitup Parkinson’s Foundation, as Brian’s wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 5 years ago.

Brian and Mark are preparing themselves for the Bravehearts 777 Marathon series during June/July next year. They will both compete against each other across 7 marathons in 7 states in 7 days.

Mark: “One of my biggest weaknesses is saying no to a challenge. As a triathlete I find the hardest and most difficult part of the race to be the swimming leg”. Brian: “Swimming has always been my biggest weakness. I’ve tried for years to improve my strokes, but found better form in riding and running during competition.”

When asked about who supports and motivates Mark, he said “my amazing wife and kids motivate me everyday, along with my 71 year-old father who still pushes the limits.” When Brian was asked the same question, he mentioned “my amazing son and five grandchildren continue to support my crazy hobbies.”


“Hot/cold magnesium pools, consistent sleep, and giving yourself a good massage before and after a race.”

“My motto is ‘anything is possible’. This has pushed all my life achievements forward and helped me keep a positive attitude throughout.”