Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Christie, a sports dietitian and age-group Australian representative triathlete. She’s recently become a triathlon coach, as a result of loving all things swim-bike-run. “I’ve competed in three x age group triathlon world champs and came second in 2019 at Multisport WC in standard duathlon (10km run/40km ride/5km run). I wasn’t the greatest runner when I was younger, but now I love it!”

Christie has been doing long course racing for the past few years and is now getting back into the Olympic/standard distance racing. Her
biggest achievement was coaching herself through a trail marathon in Portugal and then completing an Ironman triathlon. Christie says, “one of the key factors attributed to completing these events was listening to my body to help balance fatigue and minimise injury, to help push further each time.”

Christie is planning to run the 12km distance again at this year’s fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival. She placed 3rd overall last year and is attempting to hit a new PB time. “I’ve come off half ironman training, so now I’m focusing on some speed with my favourite intervals (2:3 on/off)”. Her current schedule includes hill running, interval training, the correct nutrition and park runs.


“My top recovery tip is to eat! Fuelling before and after training or exercise is so important. Particularly when training everyday or double session days, if you’re managing injury or are getting older. My favourite post training fuel is a milky coffee and egg muffin, or a banana berry milk smoothie.”

“My internal drive helps me push and see what I’m actually capable of doing. Stretching and doing yoga is one of my biggest weaknesses. Which is the first thing that seems to go when time is poor. I’m trying to schedule it into the calendar and get it ticked off. I might need to add a yoga session into my fisiocrem application time.” When asked about who supports and motivates her Christie says, “My husband, my little puppy (Millie), my family and close friends. Someone is always at my events to cheer me on, and that’s the best.”