Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Carly, a devoted mum of two who works in the education sector and is also a director of her local park run. Carly began running in 2015, as she’s not very coordinated “it was also a way of managing my anxiety.” She worked her way up from struggling to run 100m to having now completed multiple marathons and ultramarathons.

Carly’s biggest achievement to date is completing a 50km Ultra Marathon during her house renovations! After her race was rescheduled, she also had to face working/parenting obstacles to overcome in order to complete the race. She mentioned, “it was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done.” All the early morning runs followed by long workdays, saw Carly conquer her Ultra Marathon goal!

One of Carly’s biggest weaknesses is her strength training. She says, “It seems to be the first thing I drop when I have limited time and have to set myself a goal to incorporate strength sessions into my future training plans.”

Carly always sets herself a goal to achieve each year. Her 2023 goal is to complete another Ultra Marathon and break the 50km+ distance. Carly says, “I want to see how capable I am both physically and mentally.” Carly will hire a coach to improve her physical strength.

When asked about who supports and motivates her Carly says, “My two boys, along with my husband support me in all aspects of life. They remind me that running makes me a better mum because it’s an outlet to de-stress.”


“My top recovery tip is having a nice hot shower and long stretch before bed to improve your recovery.”

“I follow a lot of athletes on social media and take inspiration from them.”