Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Mark, just an ordinary athlete living his extraordinary life through the running community.

Mark’s main sport is running, which has taken over as his top activity! He is constantly on the hunt for more events to enter and to represent the purple army in anyway he can. Mark says, “I love the community spirit, engagement and accomplishment of park runs.”

Mark’s biggest achievement to date was completing the fisiocrem River Run, after suffering a serious knee injury the year prior. He mentioned, “I stupidly competed in the event and suffered my first and only ‘Did Not Finish’ result. So coming back from that setback at last year’s event crushed the demons that haunted me.”

One of Mark’s biggest weaknesses is to “keep pushing through the tough part of the run.” He understands that to improve this he needs to “learn to pace the first part of the run and stretch the effort over the whole run.”

As Mark plans for the 2023 calendar, he wants to keep enjoying the excitement of racing and crossing each finish line again and again. Although his eyes are set on completing the Kakoda track in Papua New Guinea for his 50th birthday. Mark says, “I’m not setting any expectations for myself and just enjoying the thrills.”

When asked about who supports and motivates him Mark says, “My partner Karena, along with the love and support from my running tribe, which is second to none.”


“My top recovery tip is to consume quality nutrition and getting enough rest is the most important thing for recovery.’’

“No matter what your running abilities or difficulties may be, we run together.”