Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Debbie, our 54-year-old sponsored running enthusiast. Debbie loves to “mix it up” with trails and road runs, along with the occasional cycle.

Debbie’s favourite activity will always be trail running. She pushes her limits and has a good routine in place to conquer her goals. She says, “To achieve something greater than the normal person means everything to me.”

Debbie has just finished training for Trail Trips Coastal High 50km earlier this Month. It’s been a long and tough road back for her, since undergoing major hip/glute surgery in October last year. Debbie says, “I’m ready to build up my km’s again by increasing my strength work at gym.” 

When asked about who supports and motivates her Debbie says, “I am supported by my family and good friends but at the end of the day, it’s just me and I do these crazy adventures to see what I am capable of achieving.”

“I am motivated by many people around me, those who run, cycle and those who can’t. We have one life, and you need to do whatever you can in the time we have to enjoy it.”

Reflecting on her fitness journey, Debbie’s most significant achievement thus far has been completing a 100-miler race a few years ago.

She explains that she dedicated this race for Matt, her brother-in-law who sadly passed away 3 weeks prior. “I was so determined and was not going to quit; it was all for Matt.”

Debbie also completed the Scenic Rim event back in August, she achieved 105km. She describes it as ” Amazing, Muddy and Wet”. Despite the obstacles in her way, never giving up was the key!


Debbie says, ‘‘We are all different and need to learn our limitations. If you push your limits, you need to recover the right way with sleep, food and post stretching.”

"To achieve something greater than the normal person means everything to me."