Introducing fisiocrem sponsored athlete Kirsty, a dedicated mother of two, juggling a demanding full-time job in the railway sector alongside her pursuit of a Master’s degree in business.

At the moment, Kirsty’s favorite sport is trail running, and she cherishes the freedom that comes with exploring forested trails, far from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Another passion of hers is the running community; she finds immense inspiration from the incredibly motivating individuals within it, particularly her fellow trail running companions and the esteemed members of the purple army. Kirsty also revels in pushing her limits, having completed two ultra trails (50km and 60km) and harboring a strong desire to achieve even more. She’s set to tackle a 50km run in October and aspires to make 2024 the year of her first 100km race.

One could say Kirsty’s most significant fitness achievement is discovering an activity she loves. Although she was always active and engaged in sports like soccer and softball while growing up, her athletic pursuits came to a halt during her first pregnancy when she grappled with post-natal depression. Seeking natural remedies for her condition, Kirsty took inspiration from her sister, who was deeply involved in running. She began her journey with road running and, after a few years, transitioned to trail running. Since then, she hasn’t looked back, as her entire being comes alive while navigating the trails. Over the past couple of years, Kirsty has also placed significant emphasis on her diet and internal healing, recognizing the transformative power of combining physical training with a healthy diet.

To navigate her fitness journey, Kirsty has enlisted the support of an exceptional online coach (@run_coaching on Instagram), Matt, who has crafted a program tailored to her lifestyle. This program incorporates elements such as strength training, stretching, and rest days, all to complement her running. Despite the challenges of being a full-time working mother and a university student pursuing her Master’s degree, Kirsty acknowledges that her plan doesn’t always unfold as expected. However, she firmly believes that by consistently prioritizing strength and stretching, she can at least make it to the starting line and ultimately cross the finish line, no matter the hurdles.

Kirsty finds her children to be a driving force, motivating her to continuously push her boundaries and demonstrate that any goal is attainable with determination, regardless of how unconventional it may seem to others. She also draws inspiration from skeptics who doubt her capabilities, viewing their skepticism as additional fuel to dream even bigger and set increasingly ambitious. 


Kirsty’s mantra revolves around the importance of consistently tending to the small things in her fitness journey: mobility, strength training, stretching, foam rolling, maintaining a balanced diet, and relying on products like fisiocrem—she embraces these practices unwaveringly.

"My whole soul comes alive after a day of chasing trails."