Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Letti. With 27 year’s experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, coach and soigneur with Elite and Professional Cycling. She has been very fortunate to travel the world doing what she loves, attending multiple world cup events, Commonwealth games and the Olympics. Letti changed her career in her mid-40’s becoming a police officer with South Australia Police. She now works as a State Crime Assessor and as a Health & Wellbeing Officer, which allows her to develop and deliver fitness and mental health initiatives.

Letti’s passion and love is with cycling, but other activities she enjoys include Pilates, weight training, running & swimming.

One of her biggest personal achievements was overcoming a ruptured hamstring, which resulted in her having to relearn how to use her leg and walk properly again.

Letti said, ‘‘it was devastating. I went from performing incredibly well, to not being able to stand within seconds. Soul destroying’’. Ongoing secondary issues including dual achilles tendinopathy have plagued Letti ever since, but she has learned how to plan and build those foundations back up, and she is starting to progress back up through the cycling ranks.

This year, Letti took on a 24hr cycling team relay race. The event, Revolve 24 is played out on a motorsport track, the aim is to win by clocking up the most laps in the 24hrs. Letti achieved this by breaking it down into small chunks: taking it one lap at a time. Letti will continue to race E-sports and IRL cycling series to continue to improve herself so she gets back up to B grade riding ability.

Letti adapted her fitness goals and routine during covid by holding fitness classes online as well as partaking in cycling events via Zwift & Zoom. Letti entered into the virtual world of Zwift cycling and created a social group, that partake in social rides, team time trials and individual race opportunities.

When asked about who motivates and supports her, Letti says, “I am heavily involved in a Zwift virtual and IRL (in real life) cycling community – The QueenBee Ladies. Beginning just prior to the pandemic, three other women and I, entered into the virtual world of Zwift cycling and created a social group of nine. That has since grown to now more than 1500 worldwide, three social rides, team time trials and individual racing opportunities, meet ups, the occasional IRL meet up – the most recent being in London. Heaps of social banter via Facebook and IG accounts, and now emerging into IRL events. These women have some amazing stories, are incredibly supportive and genuinely care about members achievements. They give me strength and encouragement by the truck load. My husband, Andrew, has been incredible. Since injuring myself, he has been there listening to my frustrations as well as encouraging, and celebrating my little goal successes. He keeps me in check and on track, particularly in my lowest and most vulnerable moments.”


”Regular massage, stretches and of course, fisiocrem.”

”My biggest achievement so far has been overcoming a ruptured hamstring, resulting in having to relearn how to use my leg.”