Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Sheree, a happily married mum with two adult kids. Sheree turned her life around and took up running and fitness when she retired after 33 years in the work force. 7 years later, Sheree feels like something is now missing if she has not been for a run.

Sheree started with road running and then discovered trail running, which is now her passion.

Sheree said ”I love trail running and especially competing in ultra-distances, my other passion is parkrun and trying to complete all of the challenges. Currently working on the alphabet challenge”.

One of her biggest personal achievements was in competing in the 100km Surf Coast century trail event.

Sheree said ‘‘It was a big mental challenge to keep training not knowing if the event would be postponed again or cancelled.’’

This year, Sheree is taking on the Ultra Trail Australia 100km event in May. In the lead up to the event, Sheree’s training will vary from trail terrain, including hills, single trails, and lots of stair climbs, in order to prepare herself for the elevation on the event trail. Sheree is also doing a lot of strength work to avoid injuries along the way.

Sheree struggled with training during Covid, as many event dates kept moving. This meant that Sheree’s training plans had to continually change, resulting in some very long training plans in the end, which then left hardly any recovery time before the next event. When all the gyms were closed down Sheree had to push herself to do strength workouts at home, she found this a struggle at times to stay motivated.

When asked about who motivates and supports her, Sheree says, “My number 1 supporter is my husband and I am so lucky to also have a great group of friends that I train with most days!”


“If you are sore after a big event, it’s best to keep moving with easy recovery walks for the next week.”

“My biggest achievement so far has been completing in the 100km Surf Coast Century Trail event.”