Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Rhys, a father of two with a passion for ultra running and photography/videography.

Rhys’ favourite activity at the moment is running, particularly on trails. He has traveled extensively throughout Australia to discover new trails and take in the stunning scenery the country has to offer. He says, “Running is a passion and I enjoy the physical and mental benefits it provides.”

Rhys accomplished a remarkable fitness feat by completing the Blackall 100, a 100km ultra trail race, in 2021. Despite only commencing his running journey two years prior and having one half marathon road race under is belt, Rhys undertook this challenge. Notably, he had never previously participated in a trail event and his longest training run had been 37.5km. Regrettably, Rhys encountered significant sciatic pain upon reaching the 64km checkpoint. Nevertheless, he found satisfaction in having achieved this considerable distance and was prepared to withdraw from the race at that point. Rhys credits his wife, Colleen, for inspiring him to persevere, and after an additional 7 hours of determination and grit, he ultimately triumphed and celebrated with his son Hendrix at the finish line. This unforgettable experience ignited Rhys’s passion for ultra trail running and demonstrated the remarkable capabilities of the human body.

Rhy’s fisiocrem GC30 training routine typically includes running on the roads for 4 days and running on the trails for 2 days per week. Rhys incorporate an interval session each week to elevate his heart rate and dedicates the rest of the training to maintaining a low heart rate. Additionally, Rhy enjoys a daily 20-minute pilates session focusing on either legs or core. He also regularly uses a foam roller to help prevent injuries. He says, “I am extremely motivated and ensure I dedicate 6 days a week to training. Another major goal is that I want to continue to influence as many people as possible to take up running and experience the runners high.”

When asked about who supports and motivates him Rhys says, “My family and of course my sponsors provide me with the motivation and support to make my goals become reality.”


‘‘Try to have at least one day off per week to rest the body and mind, as it gives the body time to repair and strengthen before another week of training.”

“I want running to change people’s lives as it changed mine.”