Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Sarah, a mother of two with a passion for trail running and no intentions of stopping now.

Sarah’s favourite activity will always be running. She always gives 110% effort and has a structured mentality heading into each race. She says, “I’m determined to cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment and pride.”

Currently, Sarah is eagerly preparing for the upcoming Gold Coast marathon in July, which will mark her fourth marathon to date. What makes this marathon particularly special is that it will be her first after becoming a mother. Sarah understands the challenges that come with balancing her responsibilities as a parent with her rigorous training regimen.

When asked about who supports and motivates her Sarah says, “My family and coach are my biggest pillars of support and inspiration. Their unwavering belief in me allows me to pursue my training with immense gratitude. I am genuinely thankful for them all.”


Sarah says, ‘‘Attempting some form of strength training is very important. Also jumping onto the foam roller and drinking plenty of fluids is crucial.”

"I love working hard and seeing my hard work pay off."