Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Sarah, a mother of two girls who started running about five years ago for nothing more than to improve her mental health and fitness. Now she’s completed multiple Ultra-marathons. “When I started running I could barely make it around the block without stopping. My first goal was to be able to run 10kms non-stop and my love of running has escalated from there.”

Sarah’s passion and love is with trail running. Sarah says, “I’m lucky to live so close to many beautiful trails on the Toowoomba escarpment. It makes a great training ground for ultra running due to the variety of
terrain and the number of challenging hills to climb up and down.
Nothing beats the vibe of a trail running event and you won’t find a friendlier bunch of humans. I was hooked after the first race.’’

One of her biggest personal achievements would be running her first Ultra back in 2020 at the Brisbane Trail Ultra completing the 60km race distance. Sarah says, ‘‘Even though it was a tough day out and I absolutely wanted to quit, I kept on moving and managed to still come in under my goal time.’’

Sarah is currently training for the Ultra-Trail Australia 50km race event. This event is set to be held in October within the heart of the stunning Blue Mountains of NSW. She is also embarking on her first 100km running race at the Ultra-Trail Kosciusko this December. Sarah is getting in as much trail time as possible, specifically focusing on the type of terrain for each race. “100kms is a big step up for me and a bit scary but exciting all the same. For both races I’ll be trying to prepare my body as best I can.”

“One of my biggest weaknesses has been constantly comparing myself to others. The more I have learnt to embrace where I’m at in my own journey and focus on the training that’s best for me and my goals, the better I’ve performed (and it’s also meant less injury!). It’s wonderful to support others and draw inspiration from their achievements but don’t lose touch of your own ‘why’.”

When asked about who supports and motivates her Sarah says, “My two girls are my biggest motivation. I want to show them that if you work hard and believe in yourself, anything is possible. They are amazing runners themselves and they inspire me everyday with their determination and strength.”

“A little self-belief goes a long way. You’re capable of so much more than you ever think.”