Meet fisiocrem sponsored athlete Steph, a full-time working Mum who enjoys running for fun. Steph started running back in 2017 as part of a CrossFit challenge, which then lead her to finish a half marathon in 2018 and many more milestones including: two full marathons, a 30km and 25km race distance.

For Steph, running hasn’t always been putting on a pair of shoes and running. She is also a diabetic who is on insulin. Ensuring blood sugar levels are within an appropriate range, is always a challenge when out on a run. This results in Steph always needing to carry her own fuel supply and drinks whilst on course. As Steph now works from home permanently, she has found that getting out and running at 4am most days helps her mental health.

One of her biggest personal achievements would be passing on her passion of running to her daughter. Steph says, ‘‘We should celebrate runners no matter what pace or distance that they run.”

Steph is currently training for her third Marathon, participating in the Gold Coast Marathon this July. This year she has enlisted the help of a fantastic coach Kel Walker from My Run Team. Kel has provided an online training plan, that Steph has been following since February, with great achievements and results thus far.

This year, the fisiocrem GC30 was part of the bigger plan for Steph’s event season. It was one of her longer runs within her training schedule. Steph says, “Not every run has to be a race, you have to trust the process and the people in your corner.”

When asked about who supports and motivates her, Steph says, ““My daughter. Who at most parkrun events will come back to find me and get me sprinting to the finish line with her.’’


”The 80/20 rule (80% easy training effort / 20% difficult training effort) have a great fitness coach in your corner, and of course apply fisiocrem daily.”

”We don’t have to win every race, we just have to try our hardest and be the best that we can be.”