Meet Scotty: Melbourne based AFL sports trainer who has just celebrated his 50th birthday and is gearing up to set an Australian Record this month.

In his long list of favourite sports, Scotty highlighted the three marathons and three ultramarathons that he completed on his treadmill during 2020.

“I love to challenge myself physically and mentally.”

For the past three years, he has also been practising the plank hold, a full-body exercise that requires endurance and mental discipline.

“One morning I woke up and told myself, ‘Today I will see how long I can perform a plank hold for!’ 3 hours and 40 minutes later it was completed.”

Scotty is proud to be attempting this Australian record with the support of his family and friends. He hopes to raise money for a cause close to his heart: Musculoskeletal Australia, an organisation that supports people with arthritis, osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal conditions.

“I look up to those individuals dealing with life-threatening diseases that they battle with every day. They push me to reach higher for achievements.”

Scotty hopes through his fundraising that he can do something to help these Australians change their lives for the better.

You can donate to Musculoskeletal Australia here.


“Listen to your body. Take notice of how your body reacts to different training conditions to appropriately manage your recovery. Most athletes don’t listen to their bodies until it is too late.”

“My biggest upcoming goal is on the 24th of July when I attempt to set the first Australian Book of Records 50kg weighted plank hold record.