Born and raised in New Zealand by a single parent in a low socioeconomic area, fisiocrem Sponsored Athlete Anaru Utiera didn’t have the start to life that many hope to get. At the age of just 11 years old, Anaru took on the challenge to start making a stand for himself and his culture – and falling in love with running was one of the first things that happened.

“People used to see me running and always would ask my mother why I was running all the time. I can clearly say that running has supported my journey into adulthood and is an instrumental part of who I am.”

Running has followed Anaru throughout his life. In 2007 he moved to Australia, where he completed his first ever official marathon. He continued to take on more challenges to better himself, including running a marathon every month, and half marathons before he started work whenever he could!

“My most recent accomplishment was completing the Blackall 100km event in 23:11:00 minutes. Oh and what an interesting event this was.”

Anaru’s goal for the remainder of the year is to compete in the fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival. His goal for 2022 will be focused on completing an enormous 2 000km throughout the year.

Since the onset of Covid-19, Anaru admits like lots of Aussies his fitness level has reduced.  “However, with self-motivation I have managed to run and cycle my local area to continue building strength within myself, as well as become the Local Legend on Strava.”

“My passion for running and keeping fit was always about pushing the limits and testing my ability to accomplish new and exciting challenges. You could say I have a drive to take on challenges, both big and small.”

Since moving to Australia, Anaru has noticed that his motivation for running and keeping fit has changed from being a lone ranger to helping others complete their fitness journeys too.  “I would say for any and every event I’ve participated in, if I see someone hurting or struggling, I will also slow down or stop to offer words of encouragement to see them succeed also.”

“Having raised 3 children to adulthood and seeing their success has shown me that anyone can make a change to become a positive influence within themselves and for those around them.”

You can follow Anaru’s adventures on Instagram here.


“My number one piece of advice for recovery is listen to your body and rest where possible (but not for too long!)”

People call me crazy but I say I am focused, and determined to become something better than I was yesterday.