Brisbane based fisiocrem Sponsored Athlete Geoff Harcourt knows a thing or two about keeping fit.

“I am a Physical Education Teacher in primary schooling and believe that we must keep ourselves active throughout our lives. My goal as a teacher is to show the students how age doesn’t stop you, and how beneficial it is to be able to have fitness later in life. I like to compete with the students, and quite often been involved in running races and athletic events.”

“I started running after being a volunteer at the Bridge to Brisbane in 2010. I was handing out shirts to all the finishers and thought, if they can do this, so can I. After 20 years of going to the gym every second day, I just gave it up, and started to run.”

Like many runners starting out, Geoff began by running around the block and tried to get a little bit faster each time. He soon joined a running group called Moreton Bay Road Runners, which was where his passion, knowledge and skill for running really accelerated.

“Over the years, I have certainly gained a few injuries, but this has only made me more determined to better my running style.”

“My first big personal fitness achievement was doing a half marathon every week as part of a Facebook group challenge. This lasted for 64 weeks.”

Geoff is also looking to complete another achievement in November this year when he takes part in the fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival on the Gold Coast, QLD, and becomes an ultramarathon runner.

He also is proud of doing a Couch to 5km program for local residents of his area for the last two years – a free event which helps introduce people to running.

“It was humbling and joyous to see some of these people continue their running or join a running club. One lady we ran with all the way to her first half marathon.”

Geoff’s biggest motivation is his running buddy and colleague, Andy.

“He has improved immensely and has a drive that doesn’t stop. When he is tired, worn out and simply buggered, he just keeps going. Which in turn means I have to keep going.”

Living in Brisbane, Geoff feels that he was lucky that coronavirus didn’t have as much of an impact on his life as it did in other states.

“The only adaption was the Gold Coast Marathon, which was to be my first marathon. My training for this run started in January 2020, and due to it being cancelled for 2020 and 2021, my training still continues. Even though I have done two marathons since, this event still seems to be my marathon goal.”


“While running feels like something we can do easily, and most times that is the case, it still puts a lot of pressure on our bodies. Therefore, rest is
important, along with rehydrating after a run. Dynamic stretching before a run is a great injury prevention technique. Don’t just go out and run fast every time; slow down, do different training sessions, and remember we run for run and enjoyment. Keep it that way.”

My biggest achievement was doing a half marathon every week as part of a challenge, which lasted 64 weeks.